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GlassParency is a revolutionary Clear Protection not just for your car but also for your RV, Commercial Truck and even your Patio or Bathroom Glass! Dirt & Grime no longer sticks as water beads right off! Save precious time & money with GlassParency!

As part of the ultimate glass coating application, your vehicle’s glass will under go a thorough cleansing process, releasing decontaminates trapped in the pores of glass.

After the cleansing process is complete, a chemical application is applied and a substrate is grown in the glass pores, filling in all the natural microscopic imperfections in the glass. The final chemical bonds to the first chemical, capping and creating an ultra-hydrophobic barrier, leaving your glass clean and pristine.

Candodetails Mobile is proud to offer quality windshield treatment to help you drive safer in any conditions and any time of day.  A treated windshield can provide you with a clearer picture of what’s in front of you.  We are proud to offer GlassParency as our windshield treatment of choice.

What is Windshield Treatment

Windshield treatment is a chemical applied to the glass to offer better visibility and safer driving conditions.  GlassParency:

  • allows water to bead on the windshield and effortlessly roll off
  • helps insects to be washed off much easier
  • makes it easier to remove ice or frost
  • diminishes night glare for clearer sight at night
  • helps to reduce chips and cracks


Why Choose Windshield Treatment

Windshield treatment provides a multitude of benefits focusing on your ability to see through your windshield and help you drive safer in all conditions.  An untreated windshield can make driving difficult when dealing with inclement weather.  Having rain bead up and roll away while you drive makes it easier to see what is coming.

Candodetails Mobile – Windshield Treatment Professionals

Candodetails Mobile is the premier windshield treatment option in Del Rio and surrounding areas. We firmly believe that GlassParency is the best option when it comes to treating your windows and helping you keep yourself and your family as safe as possible.  Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Auto Detailing, Boat Detailing, Aircraft Detailing,San Antonio,TX,Austin, TX, Alamo Heights,Selma,Universal City, San Marcos,New Braunfels

Auto Detailing, Boat Detailing, Aircraft Detailing,San Antonio,TX,Austin, TX, Alamo Heights,Selma,Universal City, San Marcos,New Braunfels


Candodetails Mobile Detailing 


Professional Mobile AUTO, BOAT, & AIRCRAFT Detailing 
in Del Rio, TX and Surrounding Areas



Mobile Detailing

Candodetails Mobile is a fully self-contained

Professional Auto, Boat and RV Detailing.

Our mobile detailing service conveniently performs high quality

detailing on-site at your home or office!

Candodetails Mobile Detailing in De Rio, Texas uses the highest quality of car detailing products including Carnauba waxes, specialty glazes, detailing clay bars, tire and wheel cleaners, and leather clean and conditioning. We always pay attention to detail. 

Our professional detailing services includes 100% Hand Car Wash, MOBILE CAR WASH, complete car detailing, Hand wax, compound, car polish, carpet shampooing, leather clean and condition, engine cleaning, odor removal, HEADLIGHT CLEANING and complete upholstery cleaning.

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